Shaping the next generations

Guilford Young College have been a client of ours for a while now and we've been getting their message of exceptional student achievement in their studies, careers, sporting and cultural pursuits and service to the community, in the only Catholic secondary college in Tasmania. The College is dedicated to the memory of Archbishop Sir Guilford […]


If you looked up metrosexual in any modern dictionary there would be a picture of me. Of course the caption would say "the opposite of this guy" and there would be a magnified inset showing my nasal hair in all it's dreadlocked glory. Over the last decade or two there's been a shift in the […]

The Globe doesn't fall flat

The Globe Hotel is in its 180th year, having first been established in 1839. To put this in perspective, Ikey Solomon was still walking the streets of Hobart, Texas was still part of Mexico and Charles Darwin was 20 years away from publishing 'The Origin of the Species'. Like Hobart, the Globe Hotel has changed […]

Food, Glorious Food

How lucky are we to live in this beautiful place? If the magnificent River Derwent on most people's doorsteps isn't enough for envious mainlanders, we then have the even more magnificent Mount Wellington or Kunanyi standing like a sentinel watching over a diverse and cosmopolitan population of 200,000 people. It's that diversity that has come […]

Getting from A to B ain't always simple!

Many years ago while I was in America I got sick. I mean really sick. A very small wound that I had on my foot decided it liked the local bugs and offered them a warm and cosy home in which to live and breed. Unfortunately it turned into the movie Animal House and my […]

Alexis's New Ride

Tasmanians are a generous lot. We punch above our weight when it comes to helping those who are temporarily, or in Alexis Downie's case, permanently disadvantaged. Alexis has Muscular Dystrophy, a group of muscle wasting diseases caused by inheriting some dodgy genes which cause the body to either inhibit proteins needed for normal muscle development […]

Queens Head turns 360 degrees

The Queens Head Hotel in North Hobart is a Hobart institution. It's been standing resolute on a prominent corner in the restaurant strip for decades as other establishments have waxed and waned around it.


I had a weird dream the other night. I was in the Ballarat goldfields in the 1850's riding in a stage coach. I looked out the right window just in time to see a riderless horse pulling up along side. Curious, I thought as movement on my left caught my eye. It was a man […]


Rivalries have been around since Cain looked at Abel and thought this planet ain't big enough for the both of us. Most rivalries are friendly like Federer v Nadal, Peter Perfect v Dick Dastardly and Mr Bean and the three wheeled car, some are commercially driven like Coke v Pepsi, Star Wars v Star Trek […]


Pardon my French but this is a post about crap so it's entirely appropriate! Now I'm no Kenny but I've seen a fair bit of excrement over the journey, in my first job as a young man I slipped over while running sales sheets at Bridgewater Saleyards and was covered in it from head to […]

It is what it is!

Resilience Marketing have always had a strong connection to live and local music. In addition to many individual projects for local musicians we have been instrumental in the creation, promotion and event management of the For the Fallen - Standing Room Only annual events that reunited Hobary's best bands of the 80s and packed out […]

We're Feeling Good!

In the immortal words of Nina Simone - "It's a new dawn / It's a new day / It's a new life for me / I'm feelin' good" and we're so enthusiastic about 2019 and beyond we'll let Nina break into song to set the mood: Well not exactly a new life, because the one […]

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