Most people that know me well will tell you that I'm spontaneous - impulsive is probably more accurate. Keeping everyone guessing, including myself is well developed skill years in the making. Considered decisions and planning really aren't my forte!

Like the time I went looking for furniture after buying my first home. I had a plan, well a list of items I needed, and off I went enthusiastically in search of something on which to sit, eat, sleep and work. Five hours later, decidedly less enthusiastic I ticked the last item off the list, shook hands with the Harvey Norman salesman who had that grin and look in his eye that big game fishermen get, and went home to my card table and blow up mattress to await delivery the next day. (more…)

So here's how a typical morning went when I was a teenager at my parent's house. 6 people, two showers - you do the math! Mum and Dad used the upstairs bathroom while 4 kids fought a secret war downstairs over the holy grail of Wentworth St - a hot shower!

My brother wasn't so much a problem, he was a lot younger and was usually in and out quickly anyway but my sisters, once they'd set up base camp there was no dislodging them. Dirty tricks like flushing the toilet had no effect - General Patten himself would have trouble retaking the bathroom with a battalion of infantry at his disposal. (more…)

Meet George Jetson..... As a kid that opening line would send me scurrying for the tv where nothing short of a nuclear bomb would dislodge me for the next half hour. Flying saucers, sky high conveyor belts, robots and whacky futuristic inventions had me wishing that futuristic world would just hurry up and get here already.

Well it's here! Maybe not with flying saucers, in two dimensions and 128 colours like the Jetsons - but in terms of houses we've already surpassed what the soothsayers at Hanna Barbara predicted. Smart homes are here and they are only going to get smarter!


Oh dEAR, we could have a field day with bad puns here but we wouldn't want to cop an EARfull from our awesome clients Earworx!

Speaking of EARfulls - if your world is somewhat muffled, get into Earworx and get it checked out. Could be just a bit of wax is standing between you and hearing Bieber in full stereo again...
On second thoughts....!

Check out the ad! And after you've seen Earworx check it out again, you'll be amazed at the difference!


noun: whoopee

  1. wild revelry.
    "hours of blues and whoopee"

Sounds like fun doesn't it! (more…)

Resilience Marketing have recently delivered on a raft of projects for Tasmanian Sliding Door Repairs.

First we developed a shiny new brand for them and then rolled it out into Stationery, a new Web Site and Television Commercial.

Check them out: (more…)

How would you like to be remembered? Resilience Marketing have just completed two Television Commercials for Millingtons Funeral Home asking just that.

Millingtons have been great clients of ours for a while now and we're really looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Resilience Marketing are wrapped to have produced and placed to air, here and on the slightly larger island to our north, two new Television Commercials for our wonderful clients - Lufra Hotel. (more…)

We're bowled over  to be working with Bowls Tasmania to promote an open day across the state on September 25th.

You're probably rolling your eyes! Just as well our work is much better than our bad puns, Check it out!

Resilience are over the moon with the response to our Television Campaign for long term client (and friend!) Lou at Aristos Health & Skin Care Centre.

Arisitos are conveniently located in Salamanca and have a full range of beauty treatments available. Check out their website:

Last year it went off!

Resilience are excited to help get the word out about this unique event in August. We're looking forward to seeing you at this year's climb.


Here's our branding and tv work from last year's event.


Branding and Graphic Design:





Paul Purdon the owner of the One Stop Shed Shop has seen a 60 - 80% increase in enquiries since commencing the 6 week WIN TV schedule. A fantastic result!

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