When Soap Gets in your Eyes

So here's how a typical morning went when I was a teenager at my parent's house. 6 people, two showers - you do the math! Mum and Dad used the upstairs bathroom while 4 kids fought a secret war downstairs over the holy grail of Wentworth St - a hot shower!

My brother wasn't so much a problem, he was a lot younger and was usually in and out quickly anyway but my sisters, once they'd set up base camp there was no dislodging them. Dirty tricks like flushing the toilet had no effect - General Patten himself would have trouble retaking the bathroom with a battalion of infantry at his disposal.

Of course when I finally got into the bomb site that was our bathroom it was a race to get showered before the hot water ran out, a race I rarely won I might add - usually losing it just after the shampoo was applied.

Then there was the quarterly dressing down by the old man once the power bill arrived. Look at these hot water charges he'd say while my sisters alternated between butter wouldn't melt looks and satanically pointing their fingers at me.  Pocket money would be docked and promises would be made and the next morning the Battle of The Bath would resume.

Pity we didn't have solar hot water back in those days - the battle would probably have continued unabated, as it does in thousands of suburban homes, but the old man would have been a hell of a lot happier! Which brings me to Resilience's latest TV commercial for Ultra Greensun Solar Tasmania - a company devoted to saving you money and saving the planet, one roof top at a time.

Check it out here:

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