Where would we be without Agriculture?

Happy New Year to all of our valued clients and friends. Here's to a safe and prosperous 2017!

Christmases in our family are always large affairs, At least twenty people sharing lots of laughs, a few drinks which leads to  a few tears - usually from my crazy Aunt (hey - everybody has one!) and of course a table laden with Turkey, Pork, Glazed Ham, every vegetable known to man and of course lashings and lashings of gravy and assorted sauces. (Sorry about the famous five channeling!).

As I contemplated shouldering my mother aside to get to the turkey leg I suddenly had a thought - what would this table look like if there were no farms? Pretty piss poor was my conclusion as I snared the leg while my sister picked my mother up from the floor.  For some reason not much conversation was directed my way during lunch so I had plenty of time to expand on my ruminating on a world without agriculture. First there were the benefits - no brussell sprouts, cool, no tripe - even cooler! Then the reality hit - No Meat, No Vegetables, No Fruit, No Booze, NO COFFEE!!

All that was left was plastic cheese, I'm sure there's no actual dairy in that and Wendys ice cream.

Bloody good job there are farms was my conclusion, and the hardy souls that work on them. Which brings me to Resilience's latest completed project - graphic design, branding and a brand spanking new web site for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs - a portal designed to connect farmers and workers. Resilience are proud to also be a partner in this endeavour.

Check it out here: http://www.tasagjobs.com.au


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