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Ah, 1984 - The Bombers beat their arch rivals Hawthorn for the flag, Darryl and Ossie are doing their thing on the box and Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark.

It's also the year of my college formal, and dressed to the nines in my Miami Vice white suit and pastel green square bottom tie, I'm on my way to pick up my girlfriend of three weeks in my 1972 two door Corolla coupe. A quick stop into a servo to grab some fuel, whack a $2 note into the acceptor and I'm good to go. Nervous as all hell because I'm about to meet her parents for the first time, I pull into her driveway to find her old man washing his Datsun 180b and looking at me, then my ride, looked me up and down again, finally fixing his gaze at the hotwire mags on the front, rolled his eyes and said "So you're the bloody reason I can never use the phone at night."

At that moment the front door opened and my girlfriend's mother came out with a smile on her face, Emma trailing behind. Any hopes I had of a reprieve faded as quickly as the smile on her mum's face though as she eyeballed my car. A look at her husband and a quick tilt of the head followed by a whispered conversation 10 yards away ensued as I slowly changed colour from white, through the shades of pink to scarlet and then back to white again. Eventually after expressing their grave concerns about the quality and safety of my car they admonished me to drive safely with my precious cargo and allowed us to leave. As first impressions go at least there was no where but up to go in their estimation!

If only Tasmanian Luxury Limousines were about in my day! That embarrassing footnote to my adolescence could have been avoided entirely (I'm not talking about the suit!) and I would have been viewed in an entirely different light!

The good folk at Tasmanian Luxury Limousines specialise in Meet and Greet services, provide personalized and extended tours, meetings and conventions, shopping, shore excursions for cruise vessels, sightseeing, sports events, weddings, airport transfers, VIP and corporate arrangements are also available.

Resilience are wrapt to count them among our valued clients and have provided web design, branding and graphic design services for them as well as producing their TV Commercial.

Here it is!:

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