Party like it's 1989

It's almost time! Time to dust of the pastel jumper (if it still fits!), get your hair permed and head to the Republic Bar for the annual pilgrimage that is the Standing Room Only Concert.

Those of us of that vintage would remember only too well Hobart's vibrant live music scene of the mid eighties and early 90's. Bands like Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast were tearing it up at packed venues all over the city.

Friday nights for me were spent at Tatts where Billy Whitton the Be Bop Brothers were kings, but Saturday nights were the whole nine yards!

Kick off for me and my mates was always Maloneys where we stayed until alcohol and gravity conspired to make dancing on the front bar a tad dangerous, at least for those below us! A quick meeting and the next venue would be decided and we'd be off in search of live music - a quick dodgy hot dog from Charlie Browns and a cab to the Brisbane or Travs or a walk to the Cadillac Club and even dodgier food from the takeaway over the road. Throw Pips, Winstons and the Red Lion into the mix and we had plenty of bands and venues to choose from.

The quality of local bands around back then was incredible and there were a lot of venues and punters around to support them. Apart from the Brisbane, none of those venues are around today which makes me appreciate the Republic Bar and it's determination to support live music acts in Hobart even more.

This is the fifth year the Standing Room Only - For the Fallen gig will be held at the venue and Resilience Marketing are proud to have played a major role in every one of them. Darren Roach, the Managing Director, is passionate about live music and has been instrumental in getting the intitial concept off the ground, planning and organising for each gig and taking control of the publicity and marketing. Resilience have produced all of the marketing materials from the TV ad right through to the tickets!

So as Molly would have said - do yourself a favour and get to the Republic Bar on May 20. Tickets sell fast though so don't miss out.

Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast with an accoustic set from Steve Miller Project - to use another 80's catchphrase - Pity the fool that doesn't get there!

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