Gifts, glorious gifts!

Everybody loves gifts. Birthdays; Christmas; Anniversaries; we receive and give hundreds if not thousands of gifts over our lifetime.

Some standout - like the flying lesson I once received where I got to actually take off, take a flight path directly over my house and then land a light plane. A day that still brings a smile to my face when I think of it. Or the hideous tapestry a friend brought back from Khazakstan which adorned our lounge room wall from thirty seconds before she visited until about thirty seconds after she left.

Some people get consumed by gift-giving - you know the type, they start humming Christmas carols in September and visibly brighten when the hot cross buns appear in Woolies in February. They make lists, prepare budgets and ruminate for hours on the best gift choice for their labrador.

Others do their Christmas shopping on December 24 - 6 gift vouchers, a few lotto tickets, righto - sorted!

I fall more into the second camp than the first, more through procrastination than anything. There's always time to get Dad's fathers day gift sorted until it runs out and you find yourself at Bunnings on the day grabbing a gift voucher and a snag on the way out.

Hey, it's the thought that counts though - right?

Our fabulous clients, Blackmans Bay Newsagency have everything for people who fall into my group of gift-givers. They have a huge range of gift options, greeting cards, and advice.


So what's the best or worst gift you've received?


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