EOFY and other nightmares

Ah the end of June - days are short, nights are long and for a while at least, all semblance of fun seems to have gone up in smoke with the Ogoh Ogoh at Dark MOFO the week before.

Fresh from gorging ourselves at Winterfeast, taking selfies in front of art installations that most of us will never understand and joining the hordes attempting to drink the town dry, it's now time to put our feet up, reacquaint ourselves with what's happening on Masterchef, The Voice, House Rules or whichever flavour of "reality tv" floats your boat.

Unless you are a small business person that is. For those of us that work for ourselves it's time for the annual unpleasantness that is the world of the TLA - Three Letter Acronym.

If you are an SME it's time to be the CFO and reconcile your GST for your BAS to give to your CPA to prepare your P&L to keep the ATO happy. A saga in a sentence!

Conjures up images of Dickensian like figures, burning the midnight oil, scratching on parchment with quills under candlelight doesn't it! It's bit more civilised than that these days, computers and heat pumps are the go but the reality is most of us are so busy working in our businesses that taxation compliance is strictly an after hours activity.

Then again it could be time for another TLA - D+P

Darko and Partners are Accountants / Tax Specialists with over 20 years experience who get a kick out of helping Small to Medium Businesses succeed. The world of the TLA is their domain! They'll happily deal with the acronyms allowing you to reacquaint yourself with your family, put bum grooves back in your couch, reassemble your train set or whatever else you've been lacking the time to do.

They've been clients of ours for a while now and we were fortunate enough to be trusted with their corporate identity and branding work.

Check it out below:


For a more in depth look here's some examples of the logo in different settings:

Business Cards DARKO + PARTNERS bcards FINAL#6


With Compliments: DARKO + PARTNERS WITH COMP#3


For further examples of the branding work done by our talented team of designers please look under branding in our folio.

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