Anyone up for a quiet ride in the country?

Ah, nice summers day, gentle breeze blowing and the sound of helmet clips and bikes starting can be heard all around Tasmania.

One by one, two by two and well, lot's by lots, motor bike riders head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes their way (Thanks Steppenwolf!)

Can be almost genteel though, ride 50 km and stop for an ice cream, cuddle a koala or check out one of our many other tourist attractions while enjoying the bike that was on the top of your bucket list until a couple a couple of months ago. The initial adrenaline surge now replaced with a desire to see what's around the next bend and getting home in time to catch My Kitchen Rules.

NOT these guys - Resilience are proud to have developed the online presence for SRCT or Sports Riders Club of Tasmania. They hold Race Days and Ride Days at Baskerville Race track and it's all about the adrenaline for them. Riders of all levels are welcome though and, whilst things can get competitive on the track, it's all held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

New members are welcome and if interested you can find all the information you need on licensing and even join online.

Check it out here:



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