Some of my earliest memories are of the Salvation Army Band precariously placed on the narrow footpath outside our home in Dynnyrne belting out the tunes with gusto while my neighbours silenced the rattling collection tin with donations usually consisting of 1 and 2 cent pieces. They'd appear almost by magic, play four or five tunes, thank us for watching and move on to another street corner, in another street with a minimum of fuss but a maximum feeling of good will.

Of course as a young boy I wasn't aware of who the Salvos were, the work they do for the embattled within the community, the number of people faced with homelessness, domestic violence and hunger that they help every day; or the number of lives they have turned around when despair and hopelessness seemed all that was possible. I just liked watching the tuba player go red in the face and watching the trombones slide in and out!

Fast forward more years than I would care to admit to and they are still going strong, still out there quietly doing their thing helping the next generations of the less fortunate among us, faced with new challenges such as synthetic drugs and rising rents and mortgages putting more people on the streets.

The Salvos prefer to do their work quietly and in the background but some are more visible than others. My friends and I have a very longstanding Wednesday night tradition of gathering and having a few laughs or solving the world's problems over an ale or two at a local waterfront hotel, and not many Wednesday nights go by without old Don making an appearance, smiling and laughing with the locals, wooden collection box in hand.

Now in his 80s, Don Miller has become a Hobart institution. Week in and week out he's out there doing the rounds of Hobart's hotels, raising money, interacting with the community, sharing a joke or showing genuine concern for the people on his beat. He's seemingly been around for ever and for many is the face of the Salvation Army in Hobart. There's even a portrait of him hanging proudly over the door at the Republic Bar. Don epitomises everything that's good about the Salvos - warm, caring, empathetic and engaging but you get the feeling that if you ever needed someone to go in to bat for you he'd be leading the charge.

Resilience Marketing have been fortunate to have a longstanding relationship with the Salvation Army, from billboards and magazine advertisements through to their latest television commercial.

Here's a look at a couple of projects we've worked on:

Television Commercial:


It's on again - next weekend on the 19th of August the little hamlet of Eaglehawk Neck in Tasmania's South East transforms itself into a hotbed of horsepower and derring do as drivers take on the hill between the Lufra Hotel and the Lookout once more.

This event is becoming more popular every year and this year is combined with the Rotary Car Show featuring classic 70's cars, Ferraris, Maseratis, Jags, Custom & Vintage cars and Electric Cars.

Why not make a weekend of it and let Peter and his staff at Lufra Hotel and Apartments take good care of you with quality accommodation, food and local bevvies while you take in the action and also explore all the region has to offer at a leisurely pace before heading home.

This year marks the third year that Resilience Marketing have been involved in this great local event. From branding through to their television commercial we feel privileged to play our role in this annual event which is so quickly growing in stature.

Here's a look at the tv commercial and branding work:


Branding and Graphic Design:





Ironic really that the man who started the space race in earnest, JFK, was assassinated in 1963 just as Lesley Gore was telling the world "Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way" in her song Sunshine. Lollypops and Rainbows.

A couple of years before Lee Harvey Oswald knocked him so unceremoniously off his perch, JFK delivered one of his more famous speeches declaring "I believe that this Nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth."
NASA then a fledgling government enterprise formed in 1958 under Eisenhower went into overdrive and acheived the goal with 5 scant months to spare. It's a pity neither JFK nor his brother Robert survived to see Neil Armstrong step off the ladder and deliver perhaps the most famous line uttered in human history.

NASA as an organisation are a collection of possibly the greatest problem solvers and innovators ever to have existed. A lot of the technology that we take for granted today was dreamt up by some boffin in a state of the art lab in Pasadena. NASA have been credited with inventing everything from freeze dried food through to cordless vacuum cleaners.

Perhaps their greatest contribution to planet earth though are breakthroughs in water purification and solar cells. Single-crystal silicon solar cells are now widely available and affordable thanks to NASA needing to power satelites and manned and unmanned spaced missions. And thus an industry was born.

Which brings me to this weeks shout out - Tas Solar. Experts in the industry and local. The colder months are the perfect time to call them and find out how converting to solar power can save you money and make you feel good at the same time.

Resilience completed a Television Commercial/Web Video for them a little while ago.

Here it is:

I'm a little out of my comfort zone here. When it comes to nails I'm a lot more familiar with clouts and round heads than acrylic overlays and manicures.

And according to wikipedia Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It is processed and sold as dry flakes and dissolved in ethanol to make liquid shellac, which is used as a brush-on colorant. I wonder how many women know they are actually walking around with bug product from the sub continent lovingly applied to their fingernails.

Whether I understand it or not is a moot point - the manicure and nail business is substantial. So big in fact that when I thought I'd do a bit of research to write this (hey - I do research!)  I started typing how often should into google and how often should you get a manicure was the first suggested result. Not how often should you brush your teeth, walk your dog, watch Game of Thrones or millions of other activities - how often should you get a manicure.

Now you're finished googling and found out my research is a bit dodgy (did you get wash your sheets or poop?) let me tell you about Elegant Tips and Toes in Kingston.

They have a full range of Nail and Manicure services and an awesome TV commercial, logo and web site designed by us.

Don't believe me? Can hardly blame you based on my "research"!

Proof's here though:

TV Commercial:



Web Design


Visit Web Site


So most people are scared of something right? Snakes, spiders, heights, flying, public speaking are some things that can turn the most robust person into a quivering pile of jelly, cowering in a corner until somebody else makes the bad thing go away. Unless you have Pantophobia, the fear of everything, with Pantophobia nobodies making the bad thing go away.

Phobias are an accepted part of our makeup, commonly discussed over a sauv blanc or beer with our friends - "oh, i could never do that, xxxx scares the crap out of me" (apologies to people with xophobia, the fear of the letter x - ok I might have just made that up !) The point being that phobias are almost celebrated, in fact many people try to outdo each other with tales of their phobia induced wussiness.

My family is pretty typical I think, we cover a wide range of phobias between us. Included in the list are the common ones - public speaking, snakes, spiders. One family member is so scared of spiders that when a Huntsman appeared in front of him when driving he simultaneously floored the accelerator, let go of the wheel and screamed like Ned Flanders did when his bible fell in the pool.  Fortunately no-one was hurt and he managed to drive home three hours later when the exterminators had given him the all clear.

I'm not immune either, my phobia is the dentist or Dentophobia. Not sure why, but it's always been there lurking in the background. Fine with heights, creepy crawlies and blue smarties but the thought of fronting up to the dentist makes me break out in a bad case of no freaking way. Fortunately for me it's a common fear and dentists have been on to it for a while. They offer things like sedation dentistry which means I get to hang on to my phobia like a security blanket but not have my teeth rot out of my head.

One of Hobart's best dental surgeries is Weidenbach and Associates in Campbell St. Tony and his team are well practiced in dealing with dentophobes and non dentophobes alike and offer a full range of dental services including teeth straightening with the fantastic Inman Aligner.

Resilence Marketing have used almost all of our creative team to help Weidenbach and Associates with rebranding - developing a new logo, a raft of stationery items, a new web site and subsequent television advertisements kept us busy! We're wrapt with the result.

What do you think:

Television Commercial:



Web Design:


View site:


OK, so I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to fruit. Except pineapple - in my opinion anything that looks like Sideshow Bob on a plate should be ignored as a food and used as a pinata or target practice by our armed forces. Sam Panopoulos, a Greek restauranteur, living in Canada, who first decided to add pineapples to pizza died recently and whilst he was probably a great bloke I can't bring myself to mourn the loss of a man who did the world its second biggest disservice, the first of course being Fred Trump and his wife not using effective birth control.

Tasmanian fruits though are the bomb! No longer just the Apple Isle, our little state also punches above it's weight with Pears, Cherries, Grapes, Stone fruits and Berries in varieties too numerous to mention. Whilst our cooler climes are best suited to these fruits, Tasmanian Governors have been know to scarf the odd banana grown in their very own garden and many other species of fruit are grown around Tassie. Big bucks involved too - $27 million in exports in 2015 and growing, let alone the national market.

Such economic considerations pale into insignificance when enjoying a cherry pie or a berry sundae though! Our awesome fruit producers can send as much as they like overseas, as long as there's enough left over for me to bung it in some pastry, throw some ice cream on the side and wallow on the couch afterwards a very contented man!

Resilience Marketing have just completed a successful television campaign for Fruit Growers of Tasmania, creating awareness around their conference held in Launceston in late May. A resounding success all round, we are looking forward to continuing our relationship and being involved in the next event.

And apple pie - we're really looking forward to apple pie!

Here's the ad:



Ever wondered what's going on behind the dark glass as a limo glides gracefully by? Are the occupants simply looking at you, looking at them, with smug expressions on their faces or is something more salacious going on? Liz and Steve from Tasmanian Luxury Limousines have seen it all in their time driving around the well heeled, a bloody long time too - they've been at it since 1967!

Mind you, discretion is the name of the game - loose lips sink ships and all that, but Hobart ABC radio listeners had a rare opportunity to peek behind the privacy screen recently when Liz and Steve opened up during an engaging and funny interview about their time together in life and as the owners of Tasmania's premier limousine service. (more…)

Resilience is all about relationship building, not just when we are actively working with our clients on current projects but also in between jobs. We thought we'd feature our longstanding client Keith Lello and his business CashMasters today.

An institution on the Hobart Insurance scene, Keith and CashMasters have been giving great advice on Commercial and Personal Insurances and Investments, Financial Planning, Superannuation and Home Loans for years. Don't just take our word for it though - check out his web site, built by Resilience of course!, to find out the huge range of advice areas and products Keith can help you with.

The TV commercial we made CashMasters is below as well - follow the bouncing ball!

TV Commercial

Web Design



Visit Site

We completed a web site a little while ago now for our fantastic clients The One Stop Shed Shop in Mornington that we thought we should share with you.

Paul Purdon and his experienced team have forgotten more about sheds than most of us will ever know. The name isn't some catchy gimmick either - they literally do the lot! From design, dealing with Councils, coordinating tradesmen through to installation and everything in between, their clients rest easy knowing everything is covered in a professional manner.

Resilience have completed numerous projects for The One Stop Shed Shop. In addition to the web site we have produced several television commercials and explainer videos. Check them out below and if you are in need of a Shed, Garage or Barn get in touch with Paul and his team for great service and competitive pricing.

Hmm - man shed on the way maybe!


Web Design:



Visit Site:

Television Advertising:

Web Video:

It's almost time! Time to dust of the pastel jumper (if it still fits!), get your hair permed and head to the Republic Bar for the annual pilgrimage that is the Standing Room Only Concert.

Those of us of that vintage would remember only too well Hobart's vibrant live music scene of the mid eighties and early 90's. Bands like Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast were tearing it up at packed venues all over the city.

Friday nights for me were spent at Tatts where Billy Whitton the Be Bop Brothers were kings, but Saturday nights were the whole nine yards!

Kick off for me and my mates was always Maloneys where we stayed until alcohol and gravity conspired to make dancing on the front bar a tad dangerous, at least for those below us! A quick meeting and the next venue would be decided and we'd be off in search of live music - a quick dodgy hot dog from Charlie Browns and a cab to the Brisbane or Travs or a walk to the Cadillac Club and even dodgier food from the takeaway over the road. Throw Pips, Winstons and the Red Lion into the mix and we had plenty of bands and venues to choose from.

The quality of local bands around back then was incredible and there were a lot of venues and punters around to support them. Apart from the Brisbane, none of those venues are around today which makes me appreciate the Republic Bar and it's determination to support live music acts in Hobart even more.

This is the fifth year the Standing Room Only - For the Fallen gig will be held at the venue and Resilience Marketing are proud to have played a major role in every one of them. Darren Roach, the Managing Director, is passionate about live music and has been instrumental in getting the intitial concept off the ground, planning and organising for each gig and taking control of the publicity and marketing. Resilience have produced all of the marketing materials from the TV ad right through to the tickets!

So as Molly would have said - do yourself a favour and get to the Republic Bar on May 20. Tickets sell fast though so don't miss out.

Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast with an accoustic set from Steve Miller Project - to use another 80's catchphrase - Pity the fool that doesn't get there!

I've been through Eaglehawk Neck hundreds of times in my life but rarely lingered to take the place in.

School holidays spent on the Tasman Peninsula and day trips to Port Arthur with visiting relatives meant we flew through the Neck at the allowable speed limit to get to where we were going and didn't look back. If only I'd known then what I know now!

The place is fascinating! So much to see and explore - Roaring surf, A rich but gruesome convict history, one of nature's wonders in the Tesselated Pavement - a magnet for photographers near and far; and some of Tasmania's more spectacular and rugged coastal features like The Blowhole, Devil's Kitchen and Waterfall Bay just around the road will keep locals and tourists plenty busy.

Of course all that exploring builds up an appetite, so it's just as well that one of Tasmania's iconic hotels is situated at Eaglehawk Neck too! The lufra hotel has an outstanding reputation for great local food and wine as well as accommodation options for those that want to spend some time exploring the local region.

Resilience Marketing are proud to have the Lufra Hotel as longstanding clients and have completed several TV, Radio and Branding projects for them. Peter and staff make every visitor feel welcome and make the Lufra the ideal place to launch your Tasman Peninsula adventure from.

Here's a taste of what to expect:


Ah, 1984 - The Bombers beat their arch rivals Hawthorn for the flag, Darryl and Ossie are doing their thing on the box and Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark.

It's also the year of my college formal, and dressed to the nines in my Miami Vice white suit and pastel green square bottom tie, I'm on my way to pick up my girlfriend of three weeks in my 1972 two door Corolla coupe. A quick stop into a servo to grab some fuel, whack a $2 note into the acceptor and I'm good to go. Nervous as all hell because I'm about to meet her parents for the first time, I pull into her driveway to find her old man washing his Datsun 180b and looking at me, then my ride, looked me up and down again, finally fixing his gaze at the hotwire mags on the front, rolled his eyes and said "So you're the bloody reason I can never use the phone at night."

At that moment the front door opened and my girlfriend's mother came out with a smile on her face, Emma trailing behind. Any hopes I had of a reprieve faded as quickly as the smile on her mum's face though as she eyeballed my car. A look at her husband and a quick tilt of the head followed by a whispered conversation 10 yards away ensued as I slowly changed colour from white, through the shades of pink to scarlet and then back to white again. Eventually after expressing their grave concerns about the quality and safety of my car they admonished me to drive safely with my precious cargo and allowed us to leave. As first impressions go at least there was no where but up to go in their estimation!

If only Tasmanian Luxury Limousines were about in my day! That embarrassing footnote to my adolescence could have been avoided entirely (I'm not talking about the suit!) and I would have been viewed in an entirely different light!

The good folk at Tasmanian Luxury Limousines specialise in Meet and Greet services, provide personalized and extended tours, meetings and conventions, shopping, shore excursions for cruise vessels, sightseeing, sports events, weddings, airport transfers, VIP and corporate arrangements are also available.

Resilience are wrapt to count them among our valued clients and have provided web design, branding and graphic design services for them as well as producing their TV Commercial.

Here it is!:

View the branding services here:

Tasmanian Luxury Limousines Branding

Web Design:


Visit Site

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