Resilience Marketing are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Sandy Bay Regatta in their 175th year!

Our team worked hard to create a TV commercial that captured the excitement and energy of the Regatta, as well as beautiful graphic design that highlighted the event's rich history and traditions. We also designed and printed brochures and signs that were both informative and visually appealing, helping to guide attendees through the various activities and events taking place.

Additionally, we created engaging social media posts that generated buzz and excitement leading up to the event, as well as keeping attendees informed and up-to-date throughout the day.

It was a true pleasure to work with the Sandy Bay Regatta, and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our creativity and expertise in helping make the event a success. Thank you for choosing Resilience Marketing as your partner in marketing and design! #ResilienceMarketing #SandyBayRegatta #175thYear #MarketingMaterials #CreativeDesign"

Television Commercial:

Graphic Design:

Social Media Posts:

Here's a look at some recently completed TV Commercials highlighting respect in the workplace for Rural Business Tasmania.

Television Commercials



Resilence have recently completed and aired two new television commercials for our awesome clients Guilford Young College.

The ads are designed to showcase the school environment and diversity of subjects available to students. Short on distracting dialog and featuring dozens of individual videos showcasing course and subject options, we believe the ads allow the benefits of students attending GYC to speak for themselves.

Let us know what you think!

It's been awhile since we've posted but we certainly haven't been idle. Our social media guy may have fallen asleep at the wheel but Resilience Marketing have been busier than ever, creating quality video, web, print content for our clients and given the best TikTok hashtags for their publications.

Renshaw Stone are one such client.

Elliot and Annie are longstanding friends and supporters of Resilience Marketing and we have recently completed a 30second Television Commercial and two Corporate web videos for them. They too are experiencing an upturn in business and when you see the quality stone products they supply you'll quickly understand why.

Drop in and see them at their showroom at 18 Sunderland Street, Moonah for some wonderful examples of stone benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and other purposes.

Here's the videos:

It's that time of year again, to borrow a phrase - Winter is Coming! The Salvation Army are all too aware of what winter in Hobart is like for the disadvantaged in our community. Imagine living on the streets or families being without food and heating in near zero degree temperatures. The Salvos not only imagine it, they engage with and help people in this situation every day. The Red Shield appeal is a major source of funding for the Salvos, allowing them to provide real help and hope to disadvantaged people.

Held in May, the Red Shield Appeal is a massive logistical undertaking and relies on volunteers working side by side with Salvation Army personnel. Resilience Marketing have a long association with the Salvation Army. We have produced the following television commercial to increase awareness and attract volunteers to help the Salvos to collect the donations which allow them to provide real help to those in our community that need it most.

Please consider volunteering and donating your time to this worthy cause.

Look out for Pepperce Sauce in quality grocers near you. This sauce is seriously delicious and the back story is as Tasmanian as it gets:

After more than 10 years of date nights frequenting a local pub with a dangerously good pepper sauce, Stuart set out to recreate the insatiable flavour that the sauce delivered.

​More than 30 years later, Pepperce was born; Stuart's own version of the sauce that was shared over decades of dinners, drinks and good times.

Looks can be deceiving, make no mistake, this is a complex blend of no fewer than 5 peppers in the recipe and we balance and refine the ingredients to deliver a restaurant quality product in your own home.

​Offering both great value for money and great taste, being the last one to the gravy boat and missing out will be a thing of the past.

Check out the TV commercial and branding video Resilience produced below:

Television Advertising:


Web Video:


Stewarts Bay Lodge is nestled between a beautiful beach, a forest, the calming ocean, a world heritage listed national park and Australia’s profound Port Arthur Historic Site. Stewarts Bay Lodge is a 9 hectare (22 acres) property on the shores of Stewarts Bay at Port Arthur just 90 minutes from Hobart in the beautiful region known as the Tasman Peninsula.

Stewarts Bay Lodge offers a variety of quality self-contained cabin and chalet accommodation with restaurant, function rooms and recreation facilities all surrounded by a white-sand beach, crystal clear ocean waters and beautiful woodlands. The spectacular views reflect immense physical beauty and natural diversity as well as the allure of incredible history, adventure and private relaxation.

Resilience recently produced a 15 second and 30 second television commercial for Stewarts Bay Lodge.

Television Advertising:



Here's a look at some recently completed short videos and accompanying posters highlighting respect in the workplace for Rural Business Tasmania.

Television Commercials







Company Profile


Explainer Videos




Accompanying Posters

Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania is one of those organisations that benefits real people in life changing ways.

No frills and volunteer run, the money they raise goes directly to aid people and their families who are affected by a horrible disease that has no cure.   Recent examples of them making a difference to real people with this disease include the purchase of a motorised chair and a vehicle to transport it for a northern suburbs family and the purchase and installation of a hydrotherapy spa for a young person with Muscular Dystrophy in New Town.

These big ticket items are only made possible through the generosity of people and organisations making donations to MDT. Resilience have recently made and put to air three television commercials aimed to increase community awareness of Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania and the fantastic work they do.

The commercials are shown below. You may spot a familiar face!


Everybody loves gifts. Birthdays; Christmas; Anniversaries; we receive and give hundreds if not thousands of gifts over our lifetime.

Some standout - like the flying lesson I once received where I got to actually take off, take a flight path directly over my house and then land a light plane. A day that still brings a smile to my face when I think of it. Or the hideous tapestry a friend brought back from Khazakstan which adorned our lounge room wall from thirty seconds before she visited until about thirty seconds after she left.

Some people get consumed by gift-giving - you know the type, they start humming Christmas carols in September and visibly brighten when the hot cross buns appear in Woolies in February. They make lists, prepare budgets and ruminate for hours on the best gift choice for their labrador.

Others do their Christmas shopping on December 24 - 6 gift vouchers, a few lotto tickets, righto - sorted!

I fall more into the second camp than the first, more through procrastination than anything. There's always time to get Dad's fathers day gift sorted until it runs out and you find yourself at Bunnings on the day grabbing a gift voucher and a snag on the way out.

Hey, it's the thought that counts though - right?

Our fabulous clients, Blackmans Bay Newsagency have everything for people who fall into my group of gift-givers. They have a huge range of gift options, greeting cards, and advice.


So what's the best or worst gift you've received?


So Anzac Day has come and gone for another year and the respect shown for our fallen diggers by subsequent generations of Australians who, by and large, have never known the horrors of warfare once again was incredible.

35,000 people showed up at the War Memorial in Canberra and countless thousands more turned up at hundreds of dawn services and marches across the country.

It got me thinking about legacies and what these brave men and women are remembered for now they've passed on. There would be innumerable stories of courage, mateship, hardship and stoic humour that were told at the wakes of these heroes.

Grandkids and great-grandkids who were unaware of just how much adversity and the perils their departed loved one faced and triumphed over simply to return home would wonder how they never knew the story behind the smile.

One such story is the previously forgotten story of my great-grandfather, Private George Leahy and the boy he smuggled out of Belgium in his kit bag in 1918. Uncovered again after exhaustive research by my sister Sonya Moon a couple of years ago, it's a remarkable story of the Australian Identity - Bravery, a healthy disrespect for over officiousness, mateship and decency.

It garnered national attention in 2017 but so easily could have remained forgotten if not for Sonya's determination. Here's the story:

Our generations are the lucky ones. Propped up by the sacrifices of those that came before us we are free to live and love in peace, hold differing beliefs without fear or persecution and carve out our own identity in the "lucky country"

Still, when the day comes of our own wake, what stories will be told about us? Will they be of courage and sacrifice or how we made a difference no matter how small?

How would you like to be remembered?

With our help Millingtons just asked the same question:

Well the future of my back anyway!

I spend upwards of 7 hours every day with my backside parked on a chair, looking at a computer screen and am slowly realising that things in my little home office need to change.

The concept of Ergonomics isn't new. It was first discussed by Polish professor Wojciech Jastrzebowski in 1857 - that's Polish as in the country Poland, not the study of Mr Sheen.

By the turn of the last century employers were starting to take the concept a bit more seriously. Most occupations were labour intensive and injury and death rates were high resulting in a lot of down time and reduced profits. Well heeled toffs were becoming slightly less well heeled toffs and something had to be done.

Work processes came under the spotlight, were reviewed and improved, restoring profits and allowing the toffs to resume buying one or two additional polo ponies a season.

Thus the OH&S industry was born and slowly evolved into the work practices we have today.

Anyway, back to my back - which is making me feel every one of my 50+ years and looks like a question mark when I eventually rise from my circa 1980 chair until it cracks like a rifle shot when I straighten up.

I'm sure if a OH&S guru came and checked out my situation they'd take me out the back and take a sledgehammer to me - arguing it'd be quicker and less painful than the damage I'm inflicting on myself.

Here comes the segue!

Or they'd take me to Flair Office Furniture and select appropriate furniture and office accessories to correct my posture. Think I prefer the second option! Make sure to visit their site to choose your favorite styles and redecorate your space at home.

The good people at Flair have been fantastic clients of Resilience Marketing for a while now and we have completed several television commercials for them as well as a corporate video.

Check them out here.

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