Sunderland Storage is a new purpose-built self-storage facility located in central Moonah. Resilience Marketing have produced and put to air a radio commercial for them.

Check it out below:

I was an outside kid. If the sun was out - I was out. Usually with my mates on our Malvern Star 10 speeds cruising the neighborhood or staging epic cricket test matches at Parliament St. Oval until the birds' evening chorus signaled that it was time to go home and scoff down whichever version of meat and three veg was on the plate that night.

Rainy days were a nightmare. No DVD's, Playstations or facebook back in those days. Just books and whatever was on one of the two channels available on the box. Video Recorders were just coming in but we didn't have one so The Secret Seven and Famous Five would become my world until the Sun came out and I could get back to clobbering Tony Grieg all over the park again. Then one year we got pong - the first tv game. Two vertical lines on each side of the screen which went up and down and a square which acted as a ball. This was the most fun you could have indoors, hey - I was 10!, and my mates and I would play it for hours or at least until the sun shone again and the Ashes could continue.

I had no idea what made it work, and I had no interest in finding out either which may have been a mistake in retrospect. Games have come a long way since pong and each successful game has created untold wealth for their creators.

Take Robert Nay for example. At the ripe old age of 14 he created a game called Bubble Ball, put it out to the world and was a millionaire before his 15th birthday. It's been downloaded from iTunes 16 million times - 2 million times in it's first two weeks back in 2010 earning Robert a million dollars in that fortnight alone. All because young Robert had an idea and some coding skills.

How does your 14 year old get these coding skills? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Here's the answer - a series of live radio reads and a radio commercial organised by Resilience for Coder College.


Live Read

Live Read

Live Read



Is your child the next Robert Nay?


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