Exciting news for women in Glenorchy, Tasmania aged 55 and above! The Salvation Army is making a positive move to assist those facing or at risk of homelessness.

They recently unveiled 21 new housing units on the old Moonah Corps site as of June 30. Tracy Briggs, the Tasmanian Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army, highlighted the increasing issue of homelessness among older women in Australia and Tasmania. Women over 55, particularly those living alone, are more vulnerable due to lower income and assets.

Tracy, who got involved in the project near its completion, shared her gratitude and experiences meeting some of the new tenants at the opening. The event also featured the official opening by Chief Secretary Colonel Winsome Merrett and notable guests like Bruce Neill from The Select Foundation, Housing Minister Guy Barnett, Glenorchy mayor Bec Thomas, federal MPs, and members of The Salvation Army. These efforts are a significant step toward addressing housing challenges for women in the Glenorchy region!

Long term clients, The Salvation Army, ensured Resilience Marketing were there to capture the opening and we produced the following web videos to mark the occasion.

Long Version
Short Version

The 2022 Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania Whisky Tasting Fundraiser was held at Hadley's Orient Hotel recently and featured some of the world's finest whiskies made by world renowned Tasmanian Distilleries.

It was an incredible success for MDT and Reilience were there to capture every moment. Here's the resulting video:

It's been awhile since we've posted but we certainly haven't been idle. Our social media guy may have fallen asleep at the wheel but Resilience Marketing have been busier than ever, creating quality video, web, print content for our clients and given the best TikTok hashtags for their publications.

Renshaw Stone are one such client.

Elliot and Annie are longstanding friends and supporters of Resilience Marketing and we have recently completed a 30second Television Commercial and two Corporate web videos for them. They too are experiencing an upturn in business and when you see the quality stone products they supply you'll quickly understand why.

Drop in and see them at their showroom at 18 Sunderland Street, Moonah for some wonderful examples of stone benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and other purposes.

Here's the videos:

Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania is one of those organisations that benefits real people in life changing ways.

No frills and volunteer run, the money they raise goes directly to aid people and their families who are affected by a horrible disease that has no cure.   Recent examples of them making a difference to real people with this disease include the purchase of a motorised chair and a vehicle to transport it for a northern suburbs family and the purchase and installation of a hydrotherapy spa for a young person with Muscular Dystrophy in New Town.

These big ticket items are only made possible through the generosity of people and organisations making donations to MDT. Resilience have recently made and put to air three television commercials aimed to increase community awareness of Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania and the fantastic work they do.

The commercials are shown below. You may spot a familiar face!


Resilience Marketing have just put the wrap on an explainer video for G-Power, an innovative company changing the power generation landscape in Tasmania.

Focused on the Primary Industry Sector, Co-operative members can generate their own renewable energy on their farms and share it to other properties and communities via a peer to peer network. Not only does this save them and the users a ton of money on their electricity costs, it also adds a revenue stream to their business - and it's all clean.

If you are in Australia and in need of office electrical repairs then you need to check our Rob Martin, one of the most trusted commercial electrician in Brisbane Northside. They also offer kitchen appliance installation with 12 months warranty or more depending on the type of service.

The co-operative will see farmers generating, consuming and selling energy. Energy generated will be determined by the property, with all renewable options available including solar, waste, geothermal and new technologies.

Instead of typing I'll let the explainer video do the explaining!

For more information on this exciting initiative you can visit their website: https://www.g-power.com.au/

Well the future of my back anyway!

I spend upwards of 7 hours every day with my backside parked on a chair, looking at a computer screen and am slowly realising that things in my little home office need to change.

The concept of Ergonomics isn't new. It was first discussed by Polish professor Wojciech Jastrzebowski in 1857 - that's Polish as in the country Poland, not the study of Mr Sheen.

By the turn of the last century employers were starting to take the concept a bit more seriously. Most occupations were labour intensive and injury and death rates were high resulting in a lot of down time and reduced profits. Well heeled toffs were becoming slightly less well heeled toffs and something had to be done.

Work processes came under the spotlight, were reviewed and improved, restoring profits and allowing the toffs to resume buying one or two additional polo ponies a season.

Thus the OH&S industry was born and slowly evolved into the work practices we have today.

Anyway, back to my back - which is making me feel every one of my 50+ years and looks like a question mark when I eventually rise from my circa 1980 chair until it cracks like a rifle shot when I straighten up.

I'm sure if a OH&S guru came and checked out my situation they'd take me out the back and take a sledgehammer to me - arguing it'd be quicker and less painful than the damage I'm inflicting on myself.

Here comes the segue!

Or they'd take me to Flair Office Furniture and select appropriate furniture and office accessories to correct my posture. Think I prefer the second option! Make sure to visit their site to choose your favorite styles and redecorate your space at home.

The good people at Flair have been fantastic clients of Resilience Marketing for a while now and we have completed several television commercials for them as well as a corporate video.

Check them out here.

I come from a long line of country folk. My forebears were robust types that lived through wars, depressions, droughts, floods and other natural disasters with nary a complaint and a practicality borne from just having to get on with it or you won't be eating anytime soon. They were farmers, graziers and saw millers and I'd like to say their blood courses through my veins but when it comes to farming I'm a card carrying member of City Boys R Us.

When I was growing up we used to visit my country cousins occasionally and the land was always a pleasant place for me to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. My mum once suggested that I spend the summer holidays at my Uncle Bluey's farm in the mountains instead of the usual swimming, cricket and hanging with my friends and I screamed louder than a millennial who's lost his wifi.

Of course in this day of tree changes and hobby farming the lines between city folk and country folk have blurred and more and more people are being drawn to the rural or semi-rural lifestyle. Towns like Woodbridge, Cygnet and Huonville which were dying the death of a thousand cuts back in the 90's have a renewed energy, increased tourism and facilities in the form of restaurants, cafes and B&Bs and cottage industries are booming.

You would think that this exodus of unskilled city people moving to and working farms would lead to an increase of accidents on the land but the opposite is actually occurring. In the late 1980s and early 90s there were an average of nearly 150 accidental farming deaths per year. That number has steadily fallen and last year there were 63.

Education and resources relating to safe farming practices is freely available for hobby farmers and fair dinkum farmers alike and the increased awareness and education is clearly having an impact in keeping people on the land safer.  Resilience are proud to have been involved in producing a raft of materials for Safe Farming Tasmania including an Induction Handbook and accompanying video, printed materials and electronic versions loaded onto a usb stick.

Here's a look:


Corporate Video

Supplied on branded USB drive - here's an idea of the content

Graphic Design

Business Cards



Style Guide

We completed a web site a little while ago now for our fantastic clients The One Stop Shed Shop in Mornington that we thought we should share with you.

Paul Purdon and his experienced team have forgotten more about sheds than most of us will ever know. The name isn't some catchy gimmick either - they literally do the lot! From design, dealing with Councils, coordinating tradesmen through to installation and everything in between, their clients rest easy knowing everything is covered in a professional manner.

Resilience have completed numerous projects for The One Stop Shed Shop. In addition to the web site we have produced several television commercials and explainer videos. Check them out below and if you are in need of a Shed, Garage or Barn get in touch with Paul and his team for great service and competitive pricing.

Hmm - man shed on the way maybe!


Web Design:



Visit Site: http://theonestopshedshop.com.au/

Television Advertising:

Web Video:

We're very lucky here at Resilience - we get to work on a variety of projects with a lot of Tasmanian Businesses out there making a real difference in our lovely state.

None more so than Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs - an organisation dedicated to improving Tasmania's rich and longstanding rural traditions through training and facilitating workforce opportunities in the Agricultural sector.

Resilience has completed a number of projects now for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs, the latest of which is a Corporate Video to add to the Branding and Web work already completed.

Web Design:


Visit Site




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