Resilience Marketing have just put the wrap on an explainer video for G-Power, an innovative company changing the power generation landscape in Tasmania.

Focused on the Primary Industry Sector, Co-operative members can generate their own renewable energy on their farms and share it to other properties and communities via a peer to peer network. Not only does this save them and the users a ton of money on their electricity costs, it also adds a revenue stream to their business - and it's all clean.

The co-operative will see farmers generating, consuming and selling energy. Energy generated will be determined by the property, with all renewable options available including solar, waste, geothermal and new technologies.

Instead of typing I'll let the explainer video do the explaining!

For more information on this exciting initiative you can visit their website:

Corporate Explainer Video

If you looked up metrosexual in any modern dictionary there would be a picture of me. Of course the caption would say "the opposite of this guy" and there would be a magnified inset showing my nasal hair in all it's dreadlocked glory.

Over the last decade or two there's been a shift in the male psyche. Pioneered by like minded celebrities, the metrosexual movement has become a growth industry, fast making ground in an area long considered the province of the female of the species. A growing number of young blokes no longer want to kick it like Beckham, they want to kick back like Beckham, get their nails done and chat about exfoliating while getting their nether regions waxed.

This after all is the instagram and tinder age, ocker has given way to lustre, and a less than well preened young lion is not suited to it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it - just making an observation as an entrenched Gen Xer. Not my cup of tea, but I don't look wistfully at the cravats, high pants and waxed mustaches of previous generations either.

Each generation has defining characteristics and Gens Y & Z certainly excel at it - defining that is. And waxing, and eyebrow shaping!

Of course all this waxing, shaping and shaving has to be done by someone, which brings me to the subject of this post - Lisa at Lisa's Waxing & Tinting in Claremont.

Northern suburbs women have known about Lisa and her superb service for some time and the growing number of men's services on her list shows that they too are becoming in the know.

Resilience were approached by Lisa to build her a modern web presence that showcases her services and enables her to take online bookings. Months down the track, her clients have embraced booking through the website which has freed up Lisa's time to do what she does best - make her clients feel good about themselves.

Hmm, maybe these dreadlocks should go!

Web & Social Media Video

I wonder how many people would answer correctly if asked what Tasmania's largest farming activity is.

In a state which punches well above it's weight in producing world class produce, we are world leaders in fine fleece wool, Angus and Kobe Beef, poppies, cold climate wines, oysters, walnuts, stone fruits and a number of other agricultural products.

The one that out-strips them all though is Salmon.

Employing 12,000 Tasmanians and worth over $862 million, and growing, the Salmon Industry has received a lot of press over the last decade or so - not all of it favourable.

The Tasmanian Salmon Growers Association is the industry body that is responsible for providing information to the wider public and addressing concerns on the impact of our largest agricultural activity.

They have set up a website at which covers a lot of the concerns, and provides information on waterways,  salmon farming practices and the economic benefit that the industry brings.

Resilience Marketing were engaged to design and place a number of magazine ads to publicise the website and some key points that it covers.

You can see them here:


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